промышленная фотография

Why me

Would you like to get one of best industrial photos in the Europe?

I’m professional photographer with 12 years of industrial photo experience.
Follow the biggest companies which use my images.

Here are 6 reasons to hire me. And first of all. I can shoot from air with my quadrocopter flying camera!

The Industry Leading Companies hired me for:

1. Product Brochures, Information Pamphlets & Websites
These are the main reasons why I get hired for industrial photography.  Stock photography and iPhone images are not ideal. If you want your brochures looked individually, bright display your production and people — contact me.

2. Annual Reports, News Articles, Magazine Covers, Press Releases

For publication in the journal you will need high-quality photos. Properly illustrated article will draw attention of many more readers.

3. Tradeshow Booths and Convention Banners

A lot of the times my clients will hire me to provide images for their new tradeshow booths and convention materials. The bigger the image, the more eye catching the booth is. I have seen this over and over at tradeshows. The booths that have unique and visually compelling images have the tradeshow attendee’s walk slower past their booths, while the booths that have mundane or «stock» images tend to not get a lot of attention.

4. Progress Shots for Fabrication or Facility Projects

Some companies have hired me to capture progress images of their facility and projects.  These types of contracts usually have a duration of a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the scope of the project.  Having the same photographer throughout the project ensures that the quality of the images remain the same.

5. Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs are a great way to show a companies facility or property in relation to it’s environment. With my own flying camera I can make ideal pictures of your company’s objects.

6. Group & Team Photos, Company ToursProfessional Business Portraits

Project teams are all proud to be working together.  Companies show their appreciation by getting a group photograph done for prints and news articles.

When companies bring in CEO’s, investors or special guests to tour their facility they will hire me to accompany the group and document their tour with photographs.

There are two types of «Business Portrait».  The studio portrait and the on location portrait.  The on location portrait is usually photographed at the companies facility or in the field where the companies products or services are being used.  The studio portrait can be taken in portable studio, which I can setup on the companies facility.