промышленная фотография


My satisfied clients give me feedbacks from several completed projects.

Bob Garrick
General Director
Ferrexpo Balanovo Mining

I have had a professional association with Naftogaz Design since 2011. During this time, Maxim and his team have worked on a considerable number of projects for our Group of companies.

Work which they have performed (but not strictly limited to) are summarized in the following:
— Still photography, including aerial shots from both a helicoptor and using his own remote controlled drones.
— Video from ground level, as well as aerial footage, again, by way of helicptor and drones.
— Full production of a company promotional video which involved day, night, timelapse and animation footage, complete with professional voice overs in several languages.

His work has been used in various locations within the Group including:
— Corporate website
— Background images during the Group AGM’s meetings
— Displays of company activities in the Groups various International Offices
— Corporate annual reports
— Reports and presentations to International investors, Industry anaylsts, Government agencies and Social stakeholders.

Maxim has always produced very high quality work. He deliveres it with great professionalism and in a very timely manner. He has the latest technology available in the market and ensures he and his team have the expertize to maximize the benefits of this equipment.

No request has been too big or too small. No timeframe has been too long or too short.

Most importantly to our Group, he has always been sensitive to the company’s image and brand and strives to satisfy all our requirements.

He is a pleasure to work with.

I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Ivan Anthony, Director of Mine Operations ‘COO’ at Ferrexpo Yeristovo Mining

I have had the pleasure of Maxim of Naftogaz Design working for me he is a dedicated professional in his field, the quality of his work is outstanding, his approach to getting the best results every time makes him stand out above and beyond others. I recommend him and his team due to his attention to detail, outstanding, quality work and his ability to maximise the return for his clients. 

Andriy Mandra, CEO Cherkassytransgas, JSC Ukrtransgas:

We work with Maxim several years to create corporate video and photo. And have to say — I have never seen the same quality of pictures at the gas transportation industry. Excellent work always on time.


Evgeniy Fedotov, Deputy chief engineer Kremenchuk Mining «Kvarts»:

We hired Maxim to create corporate video about the our production process. In the end, we got a very interesting creative process, great photos and best film in the Ukrainian non-metallic mining industry. We got much more than expected. And we highly recommend the work with Maxim.

Vitaliy Emelianov, CEO at Expo, Moscow

I’d like to recommend Maxim as a high level professional with unique complex vision. I worked with him in design of billboards & interior navigation pointers for our entertainment centre in Moscow. Fresh, technical, on time.

Vyacheslav Vdovitchenko, DDSG-First, Austria

We are absolutely satisfied with Maxim. In a very short time he fulfilled all our wishes and made ​​a great product.